Individual – Hassan Moore

Curtis –

Victim Location 76354

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I am a local Wichita Falls area contractor / construction company. An individual sent me a text message from the number listed above and gave his name as Hassan Moore. He stated he had a house that needed to be painted and asked if we do house painting and accept credit cards. The address he gave was 2405 Talunar Ln in Wichita Falls.

There were several things about the text conversation that were suspicious. The house is currently listed for sale and had been apparently connected to another scam. The real estate company or the owner has a sign posted advising of the other scam. I contacted the real estate agent to confirm whether he knew if the house was to be painted and he indicated it was not going to be. The name given by person texting me did not match the name of the owner.

The individual did not receive the information he was hoping to obtain.

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