Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (USA) NA

Brandi –

Victim Location 49002

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a e-mail from Gloria Luisa Rivera Cruz, Subject: Dear Friend saying "I am Mr. Li Man-fong Victor, Vice President and branch manager of ICBC (USA), Flushing Branch; Flushing, New York, USA. I am writing to obtain your consent to carry out a transaction that would be highly beneficial to both of us. I know you may be wondering why I am contacting you for this despite all the friends and relations that I have, but I decided to do this ith an unknown person to avoid any form of blackmail in the future. Mr. Alvin Peter Kappelmann Jr. was an account holder with my bank. I was his account officer for 9 years prior to his death. He died during the World Trade Center bombing in September 11, 2001. Please confirm from this sight:

Since his death, the managment of my bank has made a series of efforts to locate his famnily but all efforts were provided futile. I also performed research to find his family and was able to confirm that his mother, who was the only surviving member of the family , died at the hearing of his death. He was divorced prior to his death and due to this fact no one was able to claim the funds he deposited in my bank legally because there was no will attached to it. He had a secret dollar account with my bank worth the sum of $58,200,000.00 (Fifty Eight Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with an accrual interest agreement of 6.7%, which has been for in effect for the past 13 years.

My urpose for contacting you now is this: My bank during the last executive board meeting resolved that if by the end of the year and there is no beneficiary to the said account, the account will be confiscated and the funds sent to the bank treasury, this is where I am interested in and want you to come in: I want you to present as the Next of Kin/Beneficiary to this account. I have all the titled documents to confirm your claim and as the Vice President and Manager of the branch, it is in my power to carry out any form of verification on the beneficiary of the said funds and process the fund wire without any problem. Be informed that it is legal, 100% risk free as all the titled documents will be changed to your name, and that funds wired to any bank account you wish to have it wired to.

Please note that I am willing to let you have 50% of th total sum while you give me 50% when the fund is credited to your designated bank account. Also, note that I am willing to go extra mile to make this a success because if anything goes wrong, then we stand the risk of loosing the funds and it will a shameful for trying to carry out such a transaction without completion. This is within now and the next 15 days.

Kindly get back to me immediately at ([email protected]) so that I will advice you on how this will be carried out.


Mr. Li Man-fong Victor.

I have typed this word for word as I received it in the e-mail and prey that no other elderly person falls for this scheme. Thank you for your concern and help preventing this from happening to others.

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