Infinite Express solutions

Reginald –

Victim Location 38128

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I’ve done my homework…and u need to because I cant lose like this

Sharon –

Victim Location 45044

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had signed up for taking survey’s for pay and received an offer to be a secret shopper. I then received a Priority mail flat rate envelope (USPS) with a return address of Infinite Express Solutions – 1830 60th Ave – Sacramento, CA 95822-4228. In the envelope was a check for $2900.00, drawn on PNC Bank, Philadelphia, PA from the company of Primary Care of Joliet, 2025 S. Chicago Street Joliet, IL 60436; made out to me with the following instructions – Kindly proceed to make a deposit of the check at any of your bank branch upon receipt of your package (immediate funds availability with processing fees applied) or go to your bank/ATM to have it deposited; this helps to confirm the right recipient has the check. ($2,900.00) (TEXT US AFTER THE DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE FOR FUNDS AVAILABILITY; THEN PROCEED TO FINISH THE TASK). The instructions give three different Western Union Money Transfers, 1) Western Union Money Transfer (Money in a Minute Service – CASH PICKUP OPTION) 2) MoneyGram Money Transfer (Money in a Minute Service – CASH PICKUP OPTION) and 3) Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Service – CASH PICKUP OPTION) with two different locations and two different names.

1) Andrew Bailey/GRUENE, TX 78130 is to receive 2 money transfers of $800.00 each and Collins Wright/FRISCO, TX 75034 is to receive 1 money transfer of $800.00. After making the transfer I was to text transfer details to (769)227-0943.

I am to pay myself $400.00 as a commission and an extra $100.00 to cover cost of gas/transportation, as well as the Western Union/MoneyGram/Walmart Transfer charges for all tasks. The balance of $2,400.00 will be used to complete my secret assignments.

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