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I have a 2-year lease agreement with Infiniti for a Q40 model with about 25,000 miles. I lease cars to make sure I have warranty during the term of my lease and selected Infiniti because I presumed it has a good reputation for customer care and service. On December 14, 2016 my car broke down while driving. There were no fore-warnings by any of the internal warning lights that something was wrong with the car. I never had any indication that the car needs servicing or that something was wrong with the car. It was towed to the Infiniti dealership in Englewood, NJ. I did not lease the car or get servicing from this dealership. I was told that there was sludge in the engine and was asked to submit proof that I serviced the car elsewhere (changed the oil) which I did. Despite the proof, I was denied the warranty coverage and was told the reason is that I didn’t service the car properly. In fact, I properly maintain my car. It was last serviced on August 6, 2016 at about the 19,000-mile mark by a local auto repair company located in Cresskill NJ.

I spoke with the local dealership, the Consumer Affairs department of Infiniti and a representative at the Executive Headquarters in Franklin, TN. I was told they won’t provide the warranty because the car wasn’t serviced by Infiniti and they had no records to verify servicing and didn’t believe I properly serviced the car despite my submitted proof of invoice and AMEX receipt of payment. I was never told that I must service the car at an Infiniti dealer in order to assure the warranty. The service was provided by a well-known, reliable mechanic and this shouldn’t negate Infiniti’s warranty.

I was told it would cost between $8,000 and $10,000 to repair the car. They also told me that warning lights for oil trouble or engine trouble doesn’t necessarily have to go on if there is a problem with the oil or engine. In addition, the local dealer where the card was towed to told me I had to pay it or they would start charging me a daily storage fee to keep the car at their location while I was trying to get the problem resolved.

I know I take good care of my car and serviced my car regularly. I don’t know why there was sludge in the engine, perhaps I was given a faulty engine in the car or there was a problem with the oil compartment. In addition, the fact that warning lights don’t necessarily have to work when there are problems is a great concern to me. Had the breakdown occurred on a highway rather than a street, I could have been in a serious accident as the car died in the middle of the road with no forewarning and I had a difficult time veering it to the side of the road.

I believe I was given a car with a faulty engine and faulty warning signals and should not be responsible for the repair. Please help me to get the car serviced under the warranty.

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