Carla – Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 33917

Total money lost $22.22

Type of a scam Utility

I contacted what I thought was a number for Comcast Fort Myers I got the number from google 1-855-585-2425 told the lady who identified herself as Veronica Elvis that I wanted to change my Comcast package to pay less. she said I could get a cheaper bundle package with Century Link for my internet and ATT for my TV . she quoted me $49 a month for internet and $59.99 for TVcable I questioned her about having ATT with Comcast ? She just said it was a cheaper package that they offered. She then asked me for my address for hook up as the conversation and program explanations went on she asked for my social . at first I refused to give it to her. she said that ATT needed it for a soft credit check I finally gave it to her but I inadvertently transposed 3 of the numbers and the number was rejected .We resolved the number issue but after several attempts it was still denied and she said she would call me the next day as it was almost 5PM . she did give me her phone number if I needed to reach her.516 262 4305.. She called the next day but my social was still rejected then she wanted my drivers license. she told me that someone from ATT would be calling with a three way call with her in a few minutes That was yesterday.The call never came. She also needed my credit card number to pay for hook up. that money was taken out of my account as an ATT transaction for $22 but she quoted my $19.95. the three way call never happened and she has not called to set a date for hook up.. meanwhile today a shipment arrived with the ATT logo with a box ,remote and wiring, she never said anything about something being shipped. I called her number today and was told to leave a message. I then called another Comcast number and was told there had been no activity on my existing account and that they do not deal with ATT . They also denied any one there by her name. I called the original number I called, the man did not identify himself as Infinity until I asked. He denied any ATT affiliation and the name of Veronica Elvis

Veronica did text me an ATT password and account number yesterday. I googled her phone number and it came up in Massapequa New York with out a name unless I pay money. I am very confused about this whole deal . I hope some one there can relieve my fears.

thank you


Molly –

Victim Location 35215

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They’ve claimed that i owe CashNet USA but when i ask them to send me more information in paper form they tell me they can’t… I’m confused simply because they’re talking about court and fees and handling my debt outside of court but I’m not completely comfortable just giving my card info to someone that can’t give me more information..

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