Inflatable Toys Store

David – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered a swingset back in March of 2020 for my grand babies for 100.00 and messaged them weekly and nothing, they took my money , never as response z n d no swingset, my grandkids are ed heartbroken 💔 and I’m out 100.00 and haven’t worked cause of the whole covid19 and surgery ,nice bunch of people they are

Caleb – Aug 01, 2020

I ordered the Crocodile Water Slide for $99, actually 2 of them. I thought hell at that price you can’t beat it. So paid them $198.00. Got a receipt from them and everything. I used paypal to pay and even got a tracking update from PayPal with 2 separate tracking #s. I thought wow its actually legit. Then I kept seeing posts about it being a scam and started to panic. Thank God I used paypal and got my money back. So if anyone used paypal they will reimburse you for it. The tracking numbers still show “processing through Shanghai facility”. Which is what it has been showing for almost 1 1/2 months. I HIGHLY doubt I will ever receive the slides, especially since Paypal took the money back from them. But according to my usps tracking they have already been shipped and again are processing through Shanghai facility…lol..yaaa right! So for anyone else DONT DO IT! IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. Also, for anyone who used Paypal, they will reimburse you for the purchase. So don’t just take the loss, get your money back!

Micheal – Jul 20, 2020

Me and my girl friend brought a inflatable moon bounce water slide and backyard swing and we cannot contact these people and they gave us a receipt and when they was going to deliver it but we feel as though that they scammed us because we cannot contact these people so I will put the word out

Bryan – Jul 19, 2020

I try to buy a swing set for 99 bucks and i did not get it or any text about it

Jonathon – Jul 06, 2020

Victim Location 47201

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Only recieved confirmed information from Paypal this is the shippers information:


[email protected]

This item was purchased on 6/20/20 however it got delivered on 5/21/20? Not sure how that’s possible.

They claimed to have been from Canada for this shipment however after receiving the shipping information from Paypal not sure that is true.

Natalie – Jun 13, 2020

I ordered two things from them. A bouncy house and a pool. I have not yet to receive a confirmation email or nothing. I went to the website and it’s showing Christmas items in June. Yes believe this is a scam and to everyone that seeing this don’t do it.

Derek – Jun 22, 2020

Wow so this really was a scam I just purchase four of them WTF

Jacob – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 35758

Total money lost $149

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on Facebook, when I saw an ad about getting cheap inflatable bouncy houses. I decided to purchase two inflatable items. When I did not receive my items within A week I decided to come to this website to see if others been scam, which others have had.

Steven – Jun 10, 2020

Where is facebook on this scam ! Wow facebook is to blame! Taking peoples money what a scam trying to buy toys for kids ! People always scaming hard working people and facebook doesn’t even care for the working people ! Good job facebook!

Ryan – May 27, 2020

I got a ad on Facebook with extremely cheap inflatable water slide prices. Considering our current situation with lockdown due to COVID-19 I had been online shopping. I had been waiting for a good deal so jumped on it and bought for my family. I emailed the email address they have provided to ask about a confirmation of my order instead of an email stating they recieved my payment. I waited a week and no reply. My gut told me to see if others had the same experience on line. I searched online and sure enough, I saw this. Very disappointed in myself for falling for the good deal!

Shane – May 26, 2020

Total money lost $144.69

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They have a Facebook ad for their inflatable bounce castles and water slides through topicvip, upon clicking on ad you are taking to the header shows inflatabletoysstore. If you try to go onto you will not find any of these products without /baby in the address bar. I have contacted my bank, they are putting through a claim and hopefully I will get my money back. I usually do not purchase anything online without research but I got excited at the cheap prices and free fast shipping. Should have known.

Erin – May 23, 2020

Victim Location 75041

Total money lost $107.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a Banzai Hydro Blast Water Park from website from 05/20/2020. I did many to contact them about the shipping but they did not answer. I checked all their contact information on their website is fake.

Grace – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 85303

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I paid for two inflatable waterslides and they wont answer me have not got my order but they sure took my money out of my account its all a scam

Karl – May 06, 2020

Purchased inflatable slide/ bouncy after seeing as on Facebook. Charged $95 and was told would receive the item within a week. There is no way to contact the company . I have received no emails that this item has shipped. I see the purchase pending on my credit card. I purchased through PayPal and now trying to determine how to refund this money .

Randall –

Victim Location 77316

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got a ad on Facebook with extremely cheap inflatable water slide prices. I had been waiting for a good deal so jumped on it and bought two! Afterwards I started to worry it could be a scam and could not find anything legitimate about the company and did not receive a purchase email.

Angelica –

Victim Location 28697

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website selling inflatable bounce houses. Great prices, fast shipping

Had to enter cc# a few times to process. Thought it was just an error on my part. Got invoice by email .

Never received product.

Never received email replies when tried to find shipping info.

Brent –

Victim Location 74820

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sells bounce houses . Completed a transaction and have not received . Sent one email saying they build by order . Emailed them again and nothing . Can’t access them by phone . There is no number

Craig –

Total money lost $349.69

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammer is using a Facebook ad with a sale on bouncy houses/castles. Pricing looks great and information on the website when viewing products. We tried purchasing 2 bouncy houses since we host Birthday Parties for kids. They never came and when looking into the contact information there was only an email address. We tried sending a product update email since they even provide a shipping #. We never got a response so we then requested a refund. At this point we knew it was a scam.

Kayla –

Total money lost $219

Type of a scam Online Purchase

An ad for this company came up through instagram. I did order a waterslide bouncy castle from this company. I received a confirmation email. I realized that my product was not being delivered, despite their quick delivery promise. I tried tracking my purchase through the site and it said it was held up. I tried emailing the company, but it was sent back and did not go through. I went to call the company, but realized the phone number had one too many digits. I looked up the address and realized they were using a different company’s info- Little Tykes. After communication with Little Tykes, they have no affiliation to this fake company.

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