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Ramon – Aug 08, 2020

They said puppies are 11 weeks old names prince and Lily. It’s a scam. They tried to take 4,000 from us. They were draining my entire account but luckily enough my bank knows about it, is putting my money back into my account and is investigating it all.

Walter – Aug 07, 2020

I literally just had this same experience. I also went on craigslist and was speaking about getting a husky, even sent the ad to a friend who was looking for friend for her dog. The woman was named Audrey Smith (email as shown) She had just moved to texas with her husband and they were now living in a non pet friendly place. I was scared to make the drive because texas being a hot spot. So she told me about a reliable transportation service next to her. The next more I find this email from Vison Point Caries and the woman sending me a confirmation email. I found the cashapp thing a little awkward and somehow after trying to find a number to call this popped up. I am so glad that I was able to see all this before I was scammed 300 dollars for a husky. I rushed to tell my friend the same to not contact this woman. When I emailed the woman back and sent a link to this site she never responded.. My heart hurts because I was really excited to getting a puppy for me and my son.

I totally thought this was legit

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Leonard – Aug 08, 2020

They literally did the same to me. Drained my account.

Gloria – Jul 27, 2020

My story is much like Tiffany’s experience above, except I’m an [censored] and fell for it. I am devastated to have been taken advantage of my such heartless people. I am out $500 for two cavapoos (buddy and abby). Nancy Micheals advertised them on Craigslist from TX. Offered me the pups for free bc she cuoldn’t have them anymore. I stupidly sent $500 via cashapp to$christin71590. After I transferred the money, I got another email telling me that I am required to rent a $1000 temperature-controlled crate. I said I couldn’t do it, they offered me a discount. I asked for a refund of my $500 and was told the flight costs are non-refundable, but they refused to give me any kind of confirmation info from American Airlines. I was so hopeful that I ran out to buy food, beds, and supplies, only to be heart-broken. The money hurts, but not what makes me so upset. It’s getting my family’s hopes up only to have to tell them that a bad person took advantage of me. I should have known better… I DID know better, but their website seemed so legit that I was convinced. Fool me once! I hope that no one else goes through this. For what it’s worth, I’ll be filing a police report for the fraud and making a complaint with the BBB as well

Kelly – Aug 08, 2020

I just experienced this. They took 4,000 out of my account. I called my bank and filed a claim. I’ll have my money back but I have 5 kids and they knew that. They would of left my kids without any money to eat. People like that don’t deserve to be on this earth

Sophia – Jul 27, 2020

I’m a young adult. I’m 19 years and my mother been trying to purchase a pet for a while now that is a good price. These people was selling 2 yorkis for free saying Pet transportation for one is 300 and both are 500. I was Happy to be getting a new dog… No they are scammers! I hope they go to hell! They made a fake website page to look like it’s a actual pet carrier Company. if my mother was to be the one to had contacted them sadly she would of fell for it so i am glad i had got the time to look into this. Never trust a email that is a regular email( Gmail , yahoo , aol , hot mail etc) and DEFINITELY don’t trust them if they not applying a cell phone number for you to contact them. During covid there is A no pet transportation for the pet itself. Call the airlines yourself to make sure because that’s what i found out and the operator told me to be careful. Because during covid there are more people who are taking advantage scamming people. I had enough when i finally been emailed by the woman explains to make a cash app payment! ? NO NEVER MAKE A CASHAPP PAYMENT TO NO ONE. ! ( Her cashapp was Christina etc ) NO MOBILE PAYMENTS. I cant believe this..they are wrong and i am so sorry for the ones that actually fell for it before it was to late.

Nicole – Jul 27, 2020

This sounds exactly like what is happening to me. I was so naiive in thinking this would work out. $500 stupidy sent, via cashapp. Now asking for another $1000 for a special, temperature-regulated crate to transport 2 puppies.

Javier – Jul 27, 2020

I’m glad I came accross this thread! I was about to purchase a cavapoo puppy with Eric Houston and his wife. Come to find out its all a scam! glad I read and did my research first! What credible buisness ask you to cashapp them? DONT FALL FOR IT!

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Lance – Jul 21, 2020

Hi, I went to craigslist to inquire about getting puppies for my growing family and received and email from Stacey Watuer [email protected] that she was selling 2 puppies, male and female Cavapoos. She assured me that she and her husband were moving to a non apartment location and needed to get rid of the pupples. She told me that there would be $500.00 fee to transport the pupples. We exhanged info and the following day she told me that someone from transport would contact me. Someone from Vison Point Caries or Info Vision Point called me from Texas. I was told that I had to send the payment via Venmo, Zelle or by cash. If I sent the money via Venmo or Zelle I had to send it to [email protected] or to [email protected] (Frank Tchato). The puppies name for the transaction is Motif. After paying for the transport fee (via American Express – this is the cash option) I was told that I had to pay an additional $1000-1500.00 to transfer the puppies to a different crate due to Covid. There are 3 crates with different prices (pictures are shown). They kept hounding me that the funds were needed in order to send the puppies otherwise, I would not get them on time or at all. When I asked why didn’t someone tell me or mentioned this prior I was told that the money would be 99% refunded. I contacted Stacey and she never responded or replied. I then told the “transport team” to show me pictures of the puppies, I was then given the run around so I called American Express and they had already charged up the card. I then told them that I wanted to cancel purchasing the puppies. No pictures were sent and they literally ignored me and did not refund me the amount. I then then called American Express to file a complaint and they told me that the merchant who used the card is now called AirDrop Angels. Transaction number O400154325AD3 and Merchant ID 4105433387. Although I was a victim of fraud, lost money, and our family did not get the puppies we hope that no one else will fall prey these evil people. Please beware!

Trevor – Jul 27, 2020

OMG! Is this what I am to expect? I stupidly fell for it. I’m heartbroken

Alexandra – Jun 20, 2020

Tried to get me to buy a $300 AX Gift Card, and send them a picture of the front & back of the card (how stupid do they think I am), for delivery cost of my “free” puppy. When I asked to cancel, they said they would charge me with puppy abandonment. I replied “go ahead”.

Brad – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 70726

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was attempting to get 2 husky puppies and things looked to good to be true, but went forward with possible purchase. However when the “transportation company contacted me, they initially wanted the price for the flight. Okay then it was money for a special crate. Uh no. Lost $$$. Beware

Paul – May 29, 2020

Hey going through the same thing right now- didn’t transfer money yet. How old did they tell you the pups were? Also was there a Natasha Williams emailing you?

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