Infotel Survey

Lawrence –

Victim Location 94550

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text stating my assignment would be in the mail today. And once I checked the mail there was a United States Postal Service envelope with an assignment to purchase Google Play gift cards and a check for $2,900. Once I completed the survey I would be receiving $400 and so I was to purchase $2,500 worth of Google Play gift cards. So I deposited the check withdrew the $2,500 and purchase the gift cards. I was told not to tell the cashier why I was purchasing the cards because that would give them the indication and I was working for a Survey Company. So throughout the time I was receiving numerous texts on if I purchase the card yet and just very pushy. Once I got home he wanted me to hurry and scratch off the back of the cards and Report those cards to him. So once that was done they told me to go to Staples to buy checks so that I can print a new check for my new assignment and then i also was to purchase a $50 iTunes gift card. The next day I received an email pdf photo of the cashier’s check I did not print those checks and and I was told to continue to try to print the checks. I have not heard back from my bank in in regards to the cashed check. I hope this helps someone not become a victim as I feel I was.

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