Infra Graph Solutions – Imposter

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 88005

Type of a scam Tech Support

July 15, 2018- My computer locked down and a notice appeared recommending I get tech support. I don’t recall the number I was given to call."Kevin" introduced himself and proceeded to check my computer. There was no mention of the cost for checking/cleaning my computer. When finished, he stated I would have to pay $299.00 for service he provided and since I am elderly, he lowered the cost to $249.00. He encouraged me to get protection for the full year which brought total to $299.00. Before he added the full year’s protection fee, he had me write a check which he scanned after I corrected the amount to $299.00 and initialed the charge from $249.00 to $299.00. The check never cleared. I started getting calls from (866)-711-5711. A woman started leaving me messages stating that I owed $299.00 I became very suspicious and decided to answer the call instead of just checking the message. The woman, in my, opinion, was too nice and accommodating and decided she would call back in 48 hours since I had just had a mini stroke and had just gotten out of hospital. The reason she gave for the fact that the check never cleared my bank was that there were insufficient funds. This is a lie.

I decided to contact the so that this "company" can be investigated. Their deceptions have made me very suspicious and I checked them out on the internet. Postings from other people further confirmed my suspicions of the legitimacy of this "company."

Thank you in advance for looking into this matter in order to safe-guard others, especially those of us who are elderly and living on limited incomes.

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