Inheritance scam

Brad –

Victim Location 21048

Type of a scam Other

Honey, I have something very private to share with you and I will be very glad if you could help me out because i know you are trustworthy. My late father’s Lawyer contacted me this morning concerning my late father Inheritance claim, that the letter came from the British government and it was a "FINAL PAYMENT OF EXECUTED CONTRACT SUM" indicating that my late Dad had executed some contracts years back, with some Arabian OIL COMPANY in the UK and supply of oil pipes equipment’s e.t.c all valued at $3,500,000USD but the ARABIAN OIL COMPANY had initially paid part of the payment to my dad’s company before his death.

Now, they have already deposited the balance of $2,500,000USD with a private security and finance vault pending when the next of kin/beneficiary provides an account for the funds collection . Luckily for me, all the particulars of the private vault where the funds was lodged was enclosed in the parcel was send to my late father lawyer address and that is why he has to contact me concern the issue.

My father’s attorney now advised me to secure the assistance of any trustworthy partner whom i could nominate as the husband and beneficiary of the contract funds since i am the authorized next of kin specified in the will. It would be insecure for me to Claim and deposit the funds. so i can easily authorized him to issue a power of attorney in your name as my receiver of the inheritance for investment in the USA.

To make things easier and legitimate for me, my late father lawyer advised me to nominate someone with trust who is capable to handle this for me and i have already told him much about you and how you have been caring for me. Also told him you are my fiance, which i told him you will be in a better position to handle this for me. I have already furnish him your contact this morning, that you will be contacting him on my behave, once i have talk to you.

If you may be kind enough to help me out, I will provide you with the contact of my late father’s lawyer for him to advised you on how the funds could be transferred into your designated bank account..I will be willing to hear from you so i can provide the lawyer contact to you honey.



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