Rebecca – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 55110

Total money lost $139

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted this lab site ( food and other allergy, hair and saliva tests) after a referral from a health care provider. The first red flag was the requirement that I use my pc to send the required questionnaire, after I paid the company, as

“it is a lot of data to transfer”. I never received a confirmation email of my information sent . A few days later I sent an email question and received what appeared to be someone else’s results under my order number. I responded with another email informing them of the issue , requesting another order number and my concerns about privacy , and received another email with broken English stating they would send me another kit. Not my question at the time, AND I hadn’t even received the first test kit. Phone calls were met by a recording saying they would get back to me, of course never did. Over 2 weeks from the initial order date, I received something in the mail from inner health 4 you but from a completely different state. The Michigan address listed is a mail forwarding site. This package came from South Carolina. I had already flagged the payment with my cc company days before . I wrote return to sender on the package without opening it yet 2 days later I got an email with”the my results of my test “ attached. I NEVER TOOK THE HAIR OR SALIVA TEST, yet I got results! The site is very professional looking and carries the lock symbol before the address in the url bar , so I thought I did my due diligence. BE AWARE! This site is definitely a scam from my experience!

Jenna –


We only found out about this review just now.
We have an assumption about who is writing this and feel sorry for reading this after we have helped you out to our utmost extend.

We feel this review is unfair towards our money-back policy and inner workings. On the other hand, we want to thank you as this mistake allowed us to improve our customer service.

First, we want to mention that we provided you with a 100% money-back guarantee: you did not lose any money as opposed to being stated here in this review. If, however, you did not get your payment refunded please contact us with your order number at our email address.

On top of that please allow us to explain a few things:

We ask to register on desktop computers as sending a long registration form a mobile phone can cause issues and we want to prevent that. It is also very impractical; for a single person this is easy but consider doing this for four persons. We had several people asking us to set this message as sending a registration form for four persons on a cellphone often did not work well as the processing took a lot of time based on certain cellphones. Meaning there should be absolutely no red flags for you to consider – as you still can submit your data through cellphone as you wish.

The padlock means your connection is safe, and that all connections from and towards our site are safe and secure through an SSL certificate.
We have always sent out confirmation emails. However, it does happen that an email does not get through or doesn’t send. Contacting us would have solved this issue. Or as stated in our terms and conditions: You can always ask for your data receipt on our website by contacting us (fully GDPR compliant)

Our packages sent to our customers come from the address where these packages have been assembled. Sending them over to our postal address would be an unjustifiable cost.
Our postal address to send the samples to works in a direct connection with the transport service, which is the most optimal and efficient way to collect, send, and dispatch your samples to our laboratory.

We want to apologize for not getting back at you through the telephone. We found out –too late– that the desk manager didn’t forward every message we got. Today work with a professional and dedicated team trained to help you to their best possible means.

At the point of your order, we worked with a junior assistant (not English native) who had made an error in processing two orders. We settled this through an apology and refined our way of working based on that error. We can not afford to have this happen.

We feel unfortunate about this, we did apologize for that at the time, and right now we want to apologize for the mistake but we want to stress out that your review feels unfair. Regardless you are entitled to your opinion.

As aforementioned before we like to thank you as we keep on reviewing our working process and learn from our mistakes. This issue was a single case error and we have completely reviewed our processing. As mentioned people do make mistakes.

We offered a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee meaning that no-one ever lost any money through our company.

Have a wonderful day
— Innerhealth4You Team

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