inspectionland llc

Anna –

Victim Location 78942

Type of a scam Employment

got a call from her saying she got my application on indeed, keep in mind I fill out over 15-20 applications almost everyday. she only asked for my drivers license along with my signature on the contract . after I completed all of that, the first 2 packages came to my door which was a maxi dress and Nike leggings. I did the job as told and sent it off same day. then later in the week iphones, laptops, tools, racecar equipment, and much more. these all came through FedEx, ups, and DHL. I was also getting equipment like boxed(wrapped) , a tape gun and a big box of tape. It was one encounter when I went to home depot , they actually got ahold of one victim that card was being scammed and said he didn’t buy that so they refused the packages to me. I didn’t know what to do so I called Ashley Hanson and she said she will handle it and the task on the panel was gone so I thought she took care of that. I lost money(over 800 dollars) on gas, paper, printer, laptop, labels, and more office supplies. I’m a mother and was desperately looking for work. everything looked legit and even my husband who is a police officer couldn’t find and cracks either. it was 2 packages that came back to my house so I called the police and turned in the packages to them and opened a investigation. this is a labor scam and something needs to be done about it. I’ve never in my life seen or heard of this type of scam until febubary2019.

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