Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services

Rebekah –

Victim Location 92346

Type of a scam Credit Cards

My family purchased Auto Insurance from here on November 23, 2015, since we were spending Thanksgiving in Mexico. The woman at the counter, who appeared to be incredibly helpful, took my card and swiped it at another terminal away from where my husband and I were standing, instead of allowing me to swipe my card at the terminal myself which was in front of me. At the time, we thought nothing of the incident – we simply assumed the terminal in front of us must have some type of defect.

On Thanksgiving day, at dinner nonetheless, I discovered that a duplicate of my card had been made immediately after we went to "Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services" and that my bank account had been drained, with numerous purchases to Walmart in another part of California, while we were in Mexico. Since this is the only establishment we used my bank at prior to leaving the country for a week, and we had not swiped my card until Thanksgiving Day (only to discover the account had been drained), we can only conclude this establishment is responsible for the security breach.

I usually never write reviews, however I felt inclined since I feel that any establishment that would strand a family with three small children under the age of 10 in Mexico by disabling their financial resources must not be allowed to operate. This is why I have completed an official complaint with the and in addition, my husband’s company, which uses this business for work often, will no longer buy insurance from here.

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