Integrated research Inc.

Veronica –

Victim Location 91778

Type of a scam Employment

Received an email soliciting my interest in a part-time position as a secret shopper. Said $200. Would be paid for each job. I ended up giving them my address, but I was very suspicious. Then I got an email stating I would receive a $ 1600.00 , and I should call them as soon as I received it, I went on the internet looking for secret shopper scams. There were many describing the same scenario. I received a text asking my nàme, and I suspected it was them. I text back. Who is that. They stated they had sent me an email. I opened it and it said a package should be delivered today. I sent back a note stating I knew this was a scam and I was calling the police. I received no more communique, but I did receive the check. I have it, and would like to give it to the police. If you want anymore information, please let me know.

What even made me more suspicious was there was a name of a company, but the address did not matchup with it. The check has even another company name and another address

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