Integrated service’s

Spencer –

Victim Location 97471

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Was contacted by phone…they left a message stating needing address

and asset Verification…if no return call made they woud see me in court. (2)..when I called them back to see what this was…I was told to give them 507.00 and they would fix my credit report.. (trying to collect on milestone credit card that had been charged off and is with a different comany…asked them to send me debt vaidation.was told no..and I knew I had this debt and needed to pay it with my visa debit card now. Asked again to have it sent to me by mail…told no it would be emailed to me…told them no internet it needed to be mailed. Was then told that they would see me in court here in my county and then the man on the phone called me a [censored]..and said he will be glad to take my money…and that I must have a shopping problem because I had applied for a payday loan and anybody who does that is a [censored]…I hung up and told him that I was going to report him…He called back and left me a voice message stating he would see me in court and more.

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