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Brandi –

Victim Location 08021

Type of a scam Employment

I posted an ad on Craigslist in Dec. 2015, looking for a part time position. I got a call from Tom Sundar a few times, telling me that I am an excellent candidate after I faxed them my resume. I was told by Tom it pays about $35.00 an hour which I thought was very good. During the first few weeks, he called a lot, asked me questions, and I spoke to someone else, also named Tom if I recall correctly. I was asked questions about my experience etc. After that a few weeks went by and I did not hear from them. I followed up recently and he (Tom Sundar) emailed me and said I am scheduled for an interview Fri 1/29/16 at 1230-1pm.."half an hour for each consultant. He sent me a job description that says its located in McLean, Va. No address ot phone number and its for 6+ months. First he told me its in various locations in New Jersey. This makes no sense to me at all and I think this may be a scam in my opinion. I am nervous that they are collecting personal information on people with no intention of hiring anyone. It sounds very fishy. If news media is interested I don’t want my last name used. Hes listed on LinkedIn but not sure if its a made up profile.

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