IntelliGEN, Inc.

Alexander –

Victim Location 61704

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was sent a link from my father (the phone number I listed is his) twice, to the same article. When I asked my father if he’d sent them through Skype, he said he had not sent a single thing, and so I knew there was something wrong about this site “he” had sent me. The article was about a brain-boosting suppliment called IntelliGEN. Upon further examination, the article included testimonials from many celebrities and companies that just simply didn’t happen. The site was made to look as though it were part of the popular journal Forbes, but it was not. All the "links" to related articles and the like were linked instead to the "buy" site for IntelliGEN. Even if this is not a scam, pretending to be another site is a serious crime. If one looks up the IntelliGEN product, they will find it has been used as a scam before and that it keeps migrating sites. Every link on the "buy" site of intelligen (this operates over two sites, the "article" site and the "buy" site,) just scrolls one up to where its users should fill in information to get their supposed suppliment. This is likely a scam meant to steal input user information. If the user removes the text after the site name (leaving just the,) a very similar "suppliment," with the exact same forum to fill out and scroll-to-forum capabilities, is there. Its date is listed as though it has been posted after tomorrow. It is very likely these are sister scam sites and mirror each other’s code. Reskins, almost. All the people listed in the testimonials of the sites are fake, none of the links work, and the photos are stolen. One of the testimonials’ (this one named Nicholas Kim,) quite humorously has a profile photo that is a picture of Pewdiepie himself. At the very least, theft of pictures/likeness seems to have happened here, but the evidence simply stacks up against these three sites. The "article" location is: . The "IntelliGEN" Buy Site location is:… . The "CLA Safflower Oil (The similarly-designed scam,)" is: . I hope this will help you snipe down these cruel scammers trying to twist the hopes of well-meaning people.

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