Jack –

Victim Location 08110

Total money lost $2,919

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a first priority FedEx envelope on Friday June 15 that had the attatched letter for a job as a Mystery shopper and a check for $2919. At first very sceptical and it was too good to be true. Why I second guessed myself is because I did apply for a secret/mystery shopper months ago. The letter advised me to contact Lee Miller the name on letter, which I did. He asked me to text him back and 434 658 0295 to confirm amount of check and my name and phone#. The assignment was to deposit, then withdraw $2619 minus my $300 commission of the cashier’s check at my bank and evaluate the time of service and the cashier. Then go to a store at a Walmart and spend $50 on something for myself. Then go to the post office and buy 3 money orders for $826 each. Afterwards take the 3 money orders to a FedEx location and send to the address on the letter, then he text me to change the address to what he sent me on a text. Once all is done, I was to send an email of the evaluation of the store and bank. All this was complete and i was to receive an email back advising how I rated in the completion of the assignment. Still haven’t received that email. This was all done on a Saturday June 16. The next day, he signed me up for another assignment and this time the FedEx package was sent with only a check with no letter for $4985. He texted me the assignment instructions. When I went to attempt to deposit this check, my bank advised me not to and that the funds would be placed against my account. I said no I’m not depositing it. Advised this info to my so called coordinator Lee and he said go to another branch. I was tempted to comply, but then I thought something is a little weird. So I didn’t complete the assignment and advised him that I wasnt going to either. My last text or email i got no return response. On Wed June 20 I looked at my bank account and noticed the cashier’s check I deposited and withdrew was now being withdrawn from my account which is now overdrawn -$2300. At the time I had $600. Which is all gone and i can’t pay bills that were coming in off that account. I emailed and texted and called again today. The phone was a Google acct and now is not taking calls. No response from text or email. I very frustrated that I allowed myself to be scammed, especially when I checked the reviews online through and the Glassdoor website. What do I do next because my bank *** who I have been with over 20 years is washing their hands of it to say "it’s your issue not ours" and I’m out $2919 to have to retrieve on my own.

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