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Roger – Aug 27, 2020

Its been more the three weeks, for the pandemic I decided to adopt a puppy for my little daughter , and this person named Paul ask me for $400, and $180 for the delivery, by that time I don’t have Zelle or Cashapp so he said get a Walmart girl card, I did, and them he sent a email with tracking number ,the logistics company said that I have t paid for Pet travel packet, for Temporary Health insurance and for the vaccines all total amount $4000 and I did, im still waiting for my dog, and my money back, the disconnect the phone number a soon a paid .I have all the emails, and all the Zelle transation that I made.
This is my email ,sent me any Information pls
[email protected]

Joanna – Aug 20, 2020

I didn’t deal with Urban Logistics but I was scammed by a company using one of the emails listed above ([email protected]). Robert Grey Welsh Corgi Puppy Shop. They were “located” 9 minutes away from me, that’s that the map said when I googled the address listed and the address they provided. I made an appointment to pick up the new addition to my family but first I had to put 50% down ($300) and 50% when I arrived. I too had to transfer money via Zelle to [email protected]
Day came to meet our new companion and the individual who lives at the address I was sent to said someone was there last week for the same reason, a puppy. He even told me the name of the scammer… Robert Grey. I know that isn’t their real name but below are a list of websites the scammers are using:…

Katelyn – Aug 18, 2020

Victim Location 83704

Total money lost $1,950

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been suckered into a supposed deal of buying a puppy from a man named Anthony Troyer who claims his address is 300 Carlsbad Village Dr. #108a. Carlsbad,CA 92008. His phone number is 213-377-9346. I have an extensive texting documentation that I could provide if you need. He "sold" me an airedale puppy and I sent him money via Zelle through my bank. He supposedly delivered the dog to a place called who was supposed to deliver the dog to me the next day. I received a form from this "agency" stating that I needed to pay a fully refundable $2000 for insurance and an extra $450 for a veterinary consultation fee. They sent me a form that looked as though it had been stamped by the USDA and then sent a tracking number to the aforementioned website. Upon further research of this company via their website, they aren’t even showing a location in California. When I asked the "seller" for the physical address, they responded by saying they wouldn’t give it to me because I would call the animal shelter to go pick up the puppy. I feel like I have had the wool pulled over my eyes and wanted to believe in the good nature of people, but have had my eyes opened. I have filed a complaint with my bank for fraudulent activity and am hoping to recover the money I have sent them, which they claim to have spent already. I am going to provide you with the names and emails that I was given to send money to. Hopefully you will be able to track them down.

I also feel that they have created a false website that is deceiving people under the legitimate business of inter-urban delivery service.

They are now saying that they are going to file a complaint against me, the legal owner of the new dog per a form they had me sign, for neglecting the animal by leaving at the shipping agency and not paying the insurance.

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Mac Poel [email protected]

(Cashapp)- $Dexterwhite12

Alice Njoroge [email protected]

Richard Elmer- employee of inter urban logistics phone number 707-335-6162

victor Iheanacho- [email protected]

Julia Njoroge- [email protected]

Rael Chepchirichir

Cyrille Tankeu- [email protected]

Thank you for your attention.


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