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Mathew –

Victim Location 60085

Type of a scam Employment

On July 16 2019 I receive an email from a HR manager in ALT Recruitment saying they would like to offer me a position in InterExpress Delivery company.

There’s was a vacant position. On July/16/2019

I provide my postal address where all the shipments will be delivered to me. Provide my phone number and PayPal account. Were they used PayPal for salary transfers. Take a selfie with my face and my driver license or passport to confirm my personality, use it only for checking my background. Provide signed trial period agreement.

And I feel very worry about this because I was reading everything carefully because they pay my taxes at the end of the year. And they said that I don’t have to pay anything. Because I get the net salary.

This Company provide services of delivering goods from American online stores to the people living in Europe and Asia. Most American stores do not ship overseas.

July 18 They told me that usually the work starts in around 7 working days after the application

submission, but sometimes it can be earlier or latter. It depends on the time needed to process my application. I’m glad that I didn’t start working but worry because I feel that it is a scam or Theft Identity. They didn’t ask me about my SSN but I send my Driver License Selfie address PayPal account and Cell phone number. Can you please tell me what step I can take now with all this information that I provide to them?

Claudia –

Victim Location 75904

Type of a scam Employment

This is what I was told to do. Did not feel right so when one of the packages was a computer from dell I contacted them and the shipping was totally wrong. So I shipped it back to dell:

Receiving packages

New packages. Our automatic systems emails you information on new packages. Every message contains all the information required to receive the package as well as the link to check the status online on the delivery service provider website. Check the delivery date and time as often as you can, as they may change.

Unknown packages. If you receive a package which you have no information about, notify your manager about it immediately. Give him a detailed description and a photo of the package content as well as the tracking number and the weight.

Yes, you can open the packages carefully and see what is inside them, but do not open the boxes that the goods are packed in: the customers do not like that.

Letters received.

Sometimes stores or financial organizations send letters for our customers. Such letters contain personal information and payment details. Those letters must not be opened. Notify your manager of the letters you receive, and he will give you instructions on how to forward them.

Shipping packages

Very important! Packages can be shipped at the official FedEx or USPS offices only. No pick up services or drop boxes are allowed.

Very important! At the USPS or FedEx offices, they have to give you a receipt upon the shipment. Sometimes USPS clerks refuse to give receipts, but they must provide them and you have to demand them. The receipt is the official confirmation of the fact that the package has been shipped, and if there occur any problems, the receipt allows to solve them.

It is always very difficult to do that if there is no receipt. Unfortunately, there are some very stubborn clerks in some of the offices, so it is no use arguing with them. In this case, it is better to go to another office in the neighborhood.

Very important! Prepaid labels. All labels look very much alike, so it is quite easy to confuse them. But every label has its unique number that can be found next to the bar code. You always have to check the label number before shipping a package. You cannot use one and the same label to ship two or more packages: it is a gross violation that most probably will cause one of the packages to get lost during the delivery. Every label can only be used with a single package. All the labels are for one-time use. To avoid mistakes, remove the labels that have already been used from your computer so you will never use them again accidentally.

Shipping single packages. Our automatic system emails you the shipping instructions and the prepaid label for each package. In the message you will find all the necessary information.

Packages that require no re-packing can be shipped in the same boxes they arrive in, with all the previous labels removed from the boxes. You can cover the labels by sticking pieces of paper or Scotch tape on them or by peeling them off with a knife.

Re-packing packages. Sometimes it is required to re-pack several packages into a single box. To do so, you can use one of the boxes that the packages arrived in and put the contents of the others into it. If the box is too small, you can buy a new one at the Postal Office or a used Priority Box or pack the packages into any unnecessary box that you have. Submit the receipt to your manager if you had to pay your own money for the new box, and he will reimburse your expenses.

Keeping in touch

It is very important to keep in touch. To do so, you have to check your email at 9 o’clock every morning and then at least several times during the day. You also have to be available on the mobile phone. Note that we use services provided by call centers, so you will get calls from different or hidden numbers, but you have to pick up. Those who are hard to reach on the phone or reply to our letters with big delays do not work long with us.

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