International Business Resources Capital Canada Corp

Joshua –

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from this “company’s” HR Manager “Jessica” stating that my resume on matched an opening they had. The position seemed way too good to be true and the salary proposed was way higher then the industry standard. However, the grammar used in the email was poor, so I checked the website, at first glance, it’s a beautiful site and looks legit, but as you scroll to the bottom to check their comments by clients, it seems their clients have the same poor grammar and they don’t actually specifically say how great this company is or how they helped their own companies. These comments say that their own companies are global leaders, and with the money from ibrccc, they were able to be international. I find it strange for a “global leader” they need financial help to be international? When I checked the site for this company, the name Northpine came up, makes me think that these guys just keep rebranding themselves to pull the same scams.

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