International Finance Corporation imposter

Joy –

Victim Location 98103

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by a friend on Facebook saying that they had received a grant in the amount of $70,000 funded by the World Bank through the International Finance Corporation. They stated that they used the money to pay off their bills and had funds left over to put into their savings account. This is a copy of the information that was provided: The United Nations help commission have set this up working to foster global monetary , secure financial stability, sustainable economic growth, develop more opportunities for the people and to reduce poverty around the world. This part is true about the organization the only thing is that people in the United States are not eligible. The person said that the money was delivered to their doorstep. I was then asked if I had heard of Cynthia R. Stokes and that she was a attorney and "official agent" for the program. I was told that (573) 349-8610 was her official number and that all I had to do to apply was to text the number. I admit that I was suspicious, but I trusted this person so I continued the conversation. I asked if there was a website that I could check out and was not provided any information. The person insisted that I need to applied today that I could have the money the next day. Yes, fishy once again. I told that that I was suspicious but would check it out because they were a trusted friend. I didn’t do anything and then approximately a week later I received another message from this person.

I was curious so I went ahead and sent a text to (573) 349-8610 and received a reply from someone calling themselves Anthony Cynthia claiming to be the agent in charge and was asked if I wanted to apply and I said yes. I as told that there were a lot of applicants and that I need to apply immediately and needed to be totally honest with my answers and that accurate information was required for an evaluation. I was also told that they would not share my information with third parties. Again I asked to speak to someone or to be provided with a website and again no information was provided. I did not respond and about an half hour later I received another text from this number (469) 718-9883 this time from Cynthia R. Stokes claiming to be an attorney saying that I had to apply by text and needed to fill out an application now so they could proceed with processing. This is the information that they asked for: 1) Full name. 2) Mother’s name. 3) State. 4) City. 5) Zip code. 6) Home address. 7) Male or female. 8) Age. 9) Married or single. 10) Number of Children. 11) Text phone number. 12) Bank account number. 13) Email address. 14) Hearing or deaf / health status. 15) Monthly income. 16) Do you have a car(s). 17) What do you do for a living? 18) Do you want cash or a check? 19) Reason for applying. I did not reply and they I got a series of annoying text stating that I needed to complete the application. Again I told them that I was not giving out my personal information to anyone bank account number by text and then they replied that it wasn’t necessary and just to go ahead and provide the rest of the information. I informed them that I wasn’t interested. The person then insisted that they were Attorney Cynthia R. Stokes and that the grant was legitimate once again. After informing them that I thought that it was a scam they still keep saying that it was not. Once again I asked them to prove it and was told that I had to believe it and that I was not interested. Asked for proof again and then was asked if I had a gmail account and I ask why. I was told that proof could be sent to me via Google Hangout and I replied that I didn’t have one. This was the end of text contact.

Then a week later I was contacted again by Facebook and asked if I had applied. I informed they that this was a scam and once again they insisted that it wasn’t. Then I was sent a video of some woman saying that she had received grant money that once again provided not information. I replied that that wasn’t proof and then was sent a video that was actually about Publisher’s Clearing House winners which I believe is a scam too! I was then told to forget about it. I sent them a link to the about the scam and haven’t heard from them again.

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