Interpipe Group Employment Scheme

Julie –

Victim Location 75243

Total money lost $800,000

Type of a scam Employment

I was trying to get employed by this person that goes by the name of Darrell Pruitt that said they worked for a company called Interpipe Group. As they told me I’d be hired on as a full-time employee and that I would need equipment for an at home job and that they would send me a check for $1245 via email and that I would need to print the check and deposit into my bank account. After I did I notice some red flags with the check it’s self, then after I was wanting to remove the check from my account that was given to me via Darrell’s email address [email protected] Finally, I noticed my bank account was locked due to fraud for the check for $1245 for as a withdraw of an obscene amount of $800,000 or so which I never had. Now my bank has closed my account due to this fraud check that I thought was a legit job opportunity.

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