Interroll Corporation

Theodore –

Victim Location 20169

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted through text message to chat with the hiring manager of a company called "Interroll Corporation" through google hangouts. They had a website, everything looked legitimate, the person I talked to was a real person, named Dr. Ben Xia. After giving me information on the position I answered some questions and they said that I was qualified for the position and will now send me a check to purchase software, hardware and anything else I need to build my mini home office. I then receive this check, it is a cashier’s check that looks legitimate and deposits into my account successfully. Over the next couple of days Dr. Ben Xia is prying me to go to the nearest wal mart to withdraw this money and send it as a money gram to get my hardware for the position. I let the money sit in my account and am waiting for it to clear as of right now. It sounds fishy, someone please help and advise me on what to do please.

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