InterShop International Inc.

Ronald –

Victim Location 62692

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I filled out application to be a mystery shopper on my phone, through a pop up add on one of the games on my phone. Thought it would be something I could do as a sort of second job to earn extra money for the up coming holiday season. I didn’t hear anything back from them, so I figured that they didn’t want to use me. Then today this envelope showed up in a priority overnight envelope from FedEx. I opened it and the documents in the image I posted were there. They are a very real looking cashier’s check for $2,620.00 from CreditHuman bank in San Antonio, Texas. The remitter for the check was a man named Paul T ***. I also received a letter from InterShop International, Inc. Thanking me for joining. Also signed by Paul T ***, Research Manager. Telling me I needed to deposit or cash this at my bank and from there I was supposed to keep $500 for my pay and visit two Walmarts to get $1000 worth of Walmart gift cards at each. They wanted me to scratch the back of each card and take a pic of the cards front and back as well as a pic of the receipt. And either text it to (864)301-*** or email them to [email protected] . Then they would email me a survey to take about my shopping experiences at these stores.

I called the bank that this check was from. They checked on it and said no this is a fraudulent check. The CreditHuman Bank had me send a picture of the check to their fraud department.

Paula –

Victim Location 44134

Total money lost $2,620

Type of a scam Employment

Received a express mail letter to participate in their secret shopper program. Deposited the check to my account and then withdrew the entire check amount to complete my task. Deducted my profit of $500 and proceeded to go to two Walmart stores and by $100 of merchandise and two $500 gift cards from each store. Then took pictures of the gift cards and texted the pictures to 317-210-0645, Harley Vickie research manager InterShop International inc. received evaluation letter via email and filled in my comments and observations for each store and emailed the evaluation back to Randy Henson, Research manager.

Eddie –

Victim Location 94531

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

These people ask for me to do a secret shopper assignment. I received a Cashiers check $2620.00 to purchase five $500 walmart gift cards. I am to scratch the code of the back of the gift card and take a picture and send it to them. I researched the routing number online to verify the check and my research came back a non existing bank for (Exchange State Bank).

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