Intuit Inc

Toni –

Victim Location 37211

Type of a scam Employment

Received a text message saying my resume had been reviewed and that I’m scheduled for an online interview.

"Hello *** and Good day to you.I am Trisha Robert from the firm(Intuit Inc). Our Hiring Dept has reviewed your resume,and you have been scheduled for an online interview. Reply back if interested for more details on the Job Position. Thank you!"

I was told that the interview would be conducted by Google Hangouts.

I had not applied to the company, the listed company had no open positions available in my area, I was unable to find Trisha Robert in connection with Intuit anywhere via search or via Linked In. Was then told I needed to contact David. Since I wasn’t given any information other than David, I asked for some sort of confirmation of the legitimacy of the offer.

They then ceased communications.

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