Gabriel –

Victim Location 94517

Total money lost $865.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

INTUIT PROADVISOR pretended to be INTUIT INC. QUICKBOOKS PRO charging clients on faked “data files corruption fixing “ exercise Case: I could not E-File the quarterly IRS-941 form and CA DC-9 from since Friday, 07/06/2018. When E-filing the tax forms, the screen, on QuickBooks Pro, showed that the networking to the site could not be connected, try later. After I tried more than two times each day of the following days till Tuesday, 07/09/2018, while looking on the directly call number to Intuit Inc. QuickBooks Pro customer support on Intuit’s web pages, the number, (855)736-6777, popped out on the screen pretended to be QuickBooks Pro Customer Supports team. I called the number and the representative pretended he was QuickBooks Pro team. I did not notice that this was a scam team. The company used a misleading name of INTUIT PROADVISOR. The representative requested for running VPN, through identical tool of LOGMEIN internet software that INTUIT INC. has asked me to follow through annual software installation last year, into my computer for investigation. He ran a scanning process onto my company data file in the software. He then showed me the data file has been corrupted. The root cause as he presented was shut down or power surge when the software was open.

I then asked to restore the backup file done the week before. The representative insisted that the backup file surely would not work. He requested for the level-two support and pushed for a service charge. I screamed that I would file a complaint. I was scared by the technician scam claimed the company data file was corrupt. I was also rashly pushed to consent the invoice on the computer screen without my normal signature. The technician went through so-called level-3 data file fixing, which they did nothing but all hoax scam. I then was cheated by the technician download the data fixing tool to run on the software in my computer. The process completed in less than 15 minutes in software loading and another 15 minutes and the charge was $799.99 plus tax. After the process I found out all my backup company data files since March 2017 to July, 2018 have been deleted out. The scam company has damaged my backup files (that I may need) for restoring and double checking the company data integrity in this year.

I have contacted INITUIT INC. regarding this matter. The INTUIT INC. President office has seriously looked into this matter. INTUIT INC. QUICKBOOKS PRO service specialist has shown me an already built-in tab in the software to easily verify the company data file and another tab to fix the company data, if needed. The specialist has specified that the data fixing activity by INTUIT PROADVISOR was not needed. I then called the number (855)736-6777 again after knowing this scam. I asked if this is INTUIT INC. QUICKBOOKS support line. The representatives quickly hang up the phone. Furthermore, the scam technician inserted some programs and links into my computer. I was then unable to go over INTUIT INC. pages to contact a service. The link has caused my computer totally frozen. I then have to shut down and then turn on the computer. I had an IT consultant to delete out the scam programs.

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