IntxStore or Yielecy Trade

Aaron –

Victim Location 98198

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I searched for a repair part for my drone, and one of the google links, was a very very convincing website, with lots of stuff. One of the things, was my minidrone, for 22.00 which was a deal, as I bought at mall for 60+. So I ordered two. Made an account, and used cart and all looked very normal. Even afterwards When I signed in to my account, it showed as processing. Well, weeks and weeks went by. i tried using their customer service email (embedded in site) and nothing.. so more weeks go by.. and I try different things on their site, only to be sent back to main page. Odd, i thought.. finally I started looking at their FAQ. Which worked… and it gave a customer service number. Well, long story short, it belonged to a woman clothing company, who told me to report this site, as they get alot of calls for it. And that they had owned this number for years.. So I contacted my bank, and ended up getting my money returned. Hope this saves others time and money. I learned to be a little more careful. As there were a couple things I should of noticed.

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