Nina –

Victim Location 48507

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Tech Support

My parents have the iPhone 7 and had the screen pop up on their phone. If you go to that link it simply shows you the solution do a hard reset or plug your phone into iTunes and update it. The hard reset didn’t work so I now have to download iTunes to my computer (I don’t own or use apple products) to update it. Due to a miscommunication, my father thought I was unable to fix it so he took it to the iRepair kiosk in the mall and they couldn’t "fix" it there so they sent him to the main store. THEY CHARGED HIM $25 TO PLUG HIS IPHONE AND UPDATE IT. If I took this to the apple store or at&t store they probably would have laughed at me knowing how simple and easy the solution was. When my father got home, without the phone (because it was going to take a while to fix), and said what was going on I was livid and immediately took him back to the main store and told the guy to stop what he was doing and give the phone back. Unfortunately, the "problem "was already "fixed". So I asked him if he was going to really charge $25 to update the phone and he said yes because its policy. Ahhh the good old policy of scamming people. Any decent human being or business would have seen how simple the solution was and either just help the guy out or point him in the right direction. Oh he also managed to mess up the update and he wiped the phone completely and now hundreds of photos and videos of my nieces are gone, he said the phone w[censored]d before he got it, which is untrue because there’s no way it could have been wiped before. If you go to the apple support page, this is on their list of instructions when resolving the issue "3. Click Update (not Restore) to reinstall iOS and keep your personal data.".

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