IRS Audit

Garrett –

Victim Location 32839

Type of a scam Tax Collection

It is a recorded message stating that you are being audited and you need to call 806 318 1633, with your lawyer, but when you call the number, the man who answers says that he is a IRS agent, then hangs up, if you call back it goes to voicemail.

Devin –

Victim Location 68123

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Rbo call.

"Lisa Williams from tax audit Department of IRS. The nature of this call is to inform you about a lawsuit which has been filed on your name. So before we go with legal matter and send this case to the local county court house kindly call us back on our number which is 646-663-6038. I repeat it’s 646-663-6038. Thank you and goodbye."

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