IRS Criminal Investigator

Bradley –

Victim Location 79602

Type of a scam Tax Collection

A robo phone recording, left 6 voice mails to call IRS #646-652-6263. I called I was told that I owed $9,542.00 in back Taxes from 2009-2013, because the Turbo Tax system got screwed up thought the system. (Red Flag). Told me that I would be arrested if we did not settle with some kind of payment today of $2000.00 would not give me a payment type until I agreed to pay.(Red Flag). He said all the Tax documents would be at the courthouse/arrested if no payment. Asked what courthouse, could not answer (Red [censored]). He said he was from IRS Criminal Investigator I asked for name and empl.# (Ryan Willson #1223095) and was in New York. Was told certified mail was sent 03.27.15, asked who signed for it? Would not answer (Red Flag). I asked him to prove he was IRS, he said to give him my cell# and he would call it showing and IRS# 800-829-4993. ( later I called # and it was for some kind of medical insurance). This is terrible he had me sick to my stomach at the time, #1 yeah its possible Turbo Tax may have gotten screwed up #2 Going to jail/ all of the court fees #3 Did not have the funds and #4 after calming down I realize these clowns are the [censored] of the earth and the [censored] did not get one cent from me. How many folks fall for this and pay these scammers especially older folks, they are (scammers) are good at what they do. While at the end of all his IRS B.S. I told him I would leave the lights on for the police to come arrest me. Then he hung up.

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