IRS Headquarters

Eddie –

Victim Location 73042

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received two voicemails from this company indicating that if I didn’t contact them within so many hours, the police would come get me. I contacted the company and voiced my opinion of their fraudulent intentions and to remove my number. They refused to remove my number. To prevent further contact, they will be blocked. I’ve attaxhed the transcript of the voice mail message they left me.

Valerie –

Victim Location 84088

Type of a scam Tax Collection

2/26/18 10:57am Left a message of Headquarters – next 24 Working Hours, under custody by local cops. That I had 4 Serious Allegations against me and needed to get back with them to discuss before any legal action would be taken against me. I called them back talked with a Crystine Reispi (not sure of last name spelling) Badge #IRM016149 IRS recording line. She told me I had done my taxes wrong during 2011 – 2016 with miscalculations. They had try to contact me in June and September of last year. They told me I owed $6,181. She also told me they would be turning me into court yesterday the 26th and I would be picked up today the 27th if I didn’t settle with them. I kept asking how I had figured wrong if I received my money back and she told me that did not matter. Then I asked her to send me a copy of the letter to my e-mail address (that I didn’t give out) and she said that was up to the accounting department. She talked really fast and I had a hard time understanding her and keep asking what she was saying. I hung up on them. Haven’t heard anything from them since.

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