Ishita drugs limited

Jaime –

Victim Location 74864

Type of a scam Employment

June 16th to be exact I had got a message through Facebook Messenger that the human resource director wanted to speak to me about a job through the Hangouts app so I downloaded the Hangouts app and we began to speak.

She told me I needed a $50 iTunes card that the vendor needed it to put the software that I would be using for the job.

she had also told me that I would be getting a laptop a 3 in 1 printer fax machine and that I would be picking it up once the vendor had it ready I would pick it up at my local Walmart plus I would be getting a cell phone that I would be picking up at Walmart that would be our way of communication while employed with their company.

so my husband went down and got a $50 iTunes card I scratched off the back gave her the number she come back with it had already been redeemed me and my husband did not use the iPhone card it went straight from purchasing it to me scratching the back off and sending a picture to her so she could use it for my software.

Now she is telling me that I need a $25 Amazon card for extra material. and then last week she told me that I needed an active bank account she needed my information because she was going to reimburse me the $50 but she needed my bank account information and I do not have a bank and if I did I still wouldn’t because I do not supply that information via internet. I have given her multiple times to make this right and I have told her multiple times that I would turn her in I spoke with her today and send her a message told her that if I did not have my $50 today I would be calling the police authorities or someone I have already made a complaint with the federal Commission. I even screenshotted the picture showing that I have submitted a complaint with the Federal Commission. If you would like to see a copy of it I can send that to whoever needs it via email. I have the WHOLE conversation but it is too large to send through this complaint if you need to see that I can send that via email. Thank you.

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