Kate –

Victim Location 44092

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was working on my computer when a rectangular box came onto my screen saying that my computer had been infected, and to call 844-813-8227 to have it looked at. I tried to "x" out of the box and it wouldn’t allow me too. I called the number, they got into my computer, moved the arrow around showing me all of my past entries and how they were either hit with a virus, or at high risk for being infected. They told me my computer was not protected and that I need to do that now. They charged me $250 for a 3 yr protection plan. Made a little icon and named it MyTech which listed the phone number, 844-235-7558, if I had any future questions. They kept saying how they were a Microsoft Technician, so may times that that was making me suspicious, and how my cust. number must begin with a MS to be valid. I have received an email showing me what they supposingly installed with my signature on it. I will not be responding to them.

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