It had the name Capital One in it and others, I can’t remember

Matthew –

Victim Location 46142

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a call today approximately around 2:30pm on 9/13/17 with a foreign woman stating she was from a business with the name Capital One in it. She had the first 4 numbers of my card, and stated that because of my payment history and paying on time, Capital One is now able to decrease my percentage rate on my credit card. She gave me the date my credit card was due and the amount due for September as well as my balance.

She asked for the rest of my credit card for confirmation. I told her I did not feel comfortable in doing that. I only gave her the last 10 digits, the security code and then she wanted the last four digits of my SS#. She asked me to hold and there was silence. She came back and said she could also help me with other credit cards that I might have and went through the list of names of credit cards as examples. I told her I didn’t have any more and she hung up. I called the number back after 5 minutes and to a message stating the Verizon customer is not available at this time. I contacted the and called Capital One to see if an actual call was made to me. He (Clark, a customer representative) confirmed Capital One did not call and that the call was fraudulent. They cancelled my card and issued a new card. I will also be writing to their fraud and abuse email ([email protected] to share the detail of the call. The representative also called the number while I was on the line with Capital One. She received a voice mail of Nicolas. She didn’t speak to anyone they thought they hung up and the phone called her back and she heard a lot of people talking in the background. She stated it sounded like a room full of people making phone calls. She preceded to give me the scam tracker link and information on how to freeze my credit.

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