Jorge –

Victim Location 33908

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Tech Support

September 18, 2019 received phone call from male person claiming to be from McAfee. I use McAfee for my anti-virus. I was offered a great sounding offer for a cost of $299.00 for 6 years for 3 computers. I made payment with American Express credit card. About 2 months later my wife and I noticed a charge from same company through our Visa card. They immediately contacted us and said they made a mistake and would refund the money through Western Union and wanted our Debit `. When we refused they called on the phone and informed me they were going to do the refund by computer and then I noticed they had control of my computer without my consent. They quickly were able to compromise our bank accounts and my wife was signed on at the same time. They showed me their bank statements and that they were transferring $300.00 to my account. My wife noticed that fifteen thousand dollars was transferred from our savings to our checking. She quickly put a freeze on all our accounts and we spent hours and hours on the computer and at the bank changing everything. They called and threaten to blow up my computer and call the FBI. They said I owed them $14,000 and to go to the bank and get cash and they gave me two different names and addresses to send the cash. I have been a cop for 38 years and kept them on a string to see if I could help a Fraud Investigator track them down with no success yet. Both address were in California. They called me for 15 days using numerous different numbers and names. They called from India and I listened to the background voices and it sounded like they were scamming many, many people. Please get their name out there. I lost $600.00 that is in dispute with 2 credit cards but almost lost $14,000.

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