ITResources ITR

Chase –

Victim Location 16121

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was looking for a business that made websites, ITResources was one of the few I found, wish I had decided on another one that wasn’t this, as this was the worse experience I have had with any business in over 25 years, their customer support is so lackluster after you have already made a payment, it’s like they don’t even think they owe you anything, the delivery time was much longer than as advertised, they told it would be done in 3 business days, I waited 3 weeks instead and got a low quality product. Their CEO Scott Freeman is just another opportunist, one of the worst business man I’ve had the pleasure of talking with. He apparently also runs a cryptocurrency exchange called C2CX, I doubt It’s a good place to trust your money into.

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