Jamie Stevenson Litigation Law Office

Levi –

Victim Location 54220

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called by Allied Delivery Service and given the above referenced phone number and a reference number and told to call the number to get more information about delivery of documents. When I called the number the person answered saying "Corporate Offices Answering Services". When I gave them the reference # they connected me to ‘Jamie Stevenson’ who said she was with ‘Litigation Law Offices’.

She asked me to provide the last 4 of my social which I was hesitant to do. She then asked me for my birthdate. I refused and she threatened to see me in court. After some further discussion I gave her the last four and she indicated I was in ‘breach of contract’ with a company called Metris. I made her spell it for me because I had never heard of the company. She seemed offended and made comments to the effect of ‘you don’t seem very willing to resolve this’.

She said she had sent me a demand letter 90 days ago for 13K (and change) and now I owed 31K (and change).

When I told her none of this made sense to me and that I had an 800 credit score she got very snide and referenced that a few minutes later with a comment to the effect of ‘you have the world’s best credit rating’.

She said several times that I didn’t seem very interested in resolving this so she wasn’t sure what she could do for me. She hemmed and hawed a lot and said maybe she could send it to the fraud department but she wasn’t sure that she might have to just file it and then I would have to show up in court in Nevada.

When I asked her ‘so, what is the process then if I were interested in "resolving" this’ she either said or confirmed after I said it that I could pay her over the phone to resolve the debt.

I refused and told her I wouldn’t be in court in Nevada and hung up.

After talking to someone at the BBB I tried to call the number back to get more details, i.e., address, email address, spelling of the name but when I called I got an automated VM.

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