Jason Moore

Russell –

Victim Location 48146

Total money lost $1,550

Type of a scam Other

Let me start out with, i thought i did all the fact checking, searching etc. that i could about this website Goldenpomeranian.com . Long story short i was/is? wanting to get the puppy for a VERY ill family member of mine. I emailed the site, after seeing a baby girl Pom that is SUPPOSEDLY 11weeks old. A person emailed me right back with additional pics. I wanted to see a pic of the parents, but he claimed his wife had them in her phone and she was at work. I paid $600 to purchase the puppy. He claimed they would send her out first thing, he is located in Alberta Canada and i am in the United States. Everything looked and seemed good. I got emails, texts, calls, voicemails etc. THEN boom all a sudden I started getting numerous emails after emails from Skyline Logistics-All Live VIP… and the man i bought it from saying that the weather was SO bad, they needed a $950 deposit so that my new puppy could be in a weather controlled crate, and i would get money back when she landed. I was DUMB and sent it. From there everything seemed good. I got a email saying her departure and eta time etc. UNTIL boom, now I am getting NON stop text, emails etc from both the website/old owner of dog AND Skyline logistics-All live Insurance, wanting me to pay an additional 1550 for pet insurance for the puppy to fly???? UMMM, I do not have that. I didn’t really have the $950. Please people, do not buy ONLINE, Especially if the person says they are from one area, yet the area code and voice does not match. Both guys i talked to were Indian from India sounding. They email and text at same time from different companies, how convenient. I hope we catch all these CROOKS. if anyone uses the name Jason Moore(GoldenPomeranian) or Mr. Roberto Gonzalez from Skyline Logistics or a [email protected] ….. PLEASE DO NOT PAY and get scammed like I DID!!!! I hope with all my proof, something can be done.

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