Chase –

Victim Location 43068

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I got a call this morning from a young man, Jason. Caller ID said: 617-727-8888. I didn’t tell him I didn’t know anybody named Jason. He was crying. He said he was booked, booking number 14252019A. He said he’d been drinking and got in an accident in Springfield, MA where he’d been attending a wedding. He went through a red light and hit a woman who is in the hospital. She’s pregnant and may lose the baby. He gave me his lawyer’s number 978-719-4242. I called, but nobody answered. Jason called back a second time, but said nothing when I answered, then hung up. A couple minutes later his "attorney" Mark Stevens called. He wanted to know if his client, Jason, had gotten in touch with me. I asked him for Jason’s last name. He would not give it to me. He hung up. When I called Jason back, the number was not in service.

Matthew –

Victim Location 60126

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call with "can you hear me now". Phone number was a local "312" area code.

Margaret –

Victim Location 54929

Type of a scam Phishing

He said "Hi, this is Jason-can you hear me?" I said "yes" and he proceeded to start to sell me Disney vacation. By that time, I was saying over and over"Please take me from this list". When I realized it was a recording I hung up.

I then called Frontier Communications…I had inquired with them last night about possibly switching to their internet. When I told the sales guy I needed time to think and he could call me back in 1/2 hour he asked permission to do a robotic callback and said I could remove it after talking to him. Well I missed his phone call so never talked to him…but then I get this scam thing…so I call Frontier back and tell them to remove me and ask them if the gave my # out…which they said no. But, the timing seemed very sketchy….I didn’t like doing that. Again they are using terminology asking you to say "yes" to this kind of phone call.

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