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Craig –

Victim Location 65441

Total money lost $560

Type of a scam Online Purchase

E-Bay purchaser (*** ***) talked me into shipping the product I sold on E-Bay to "her niece in Arkansas" he/she sent me what seemed legit at the time a very good reason why I should send the item without payment first. Which then followed up with the emails from PayPal that i received that truly convinced me to go ahead and ship the item. (I THOUGHT THEY WERE LEGIT). Later I found out the emails from PayPal were actually fake and I fell into the trap emails came from: "[email protected]" . I shipped the item.

Yesterday it all clicked, I knew I have become a victim of a scam.

I received another email from PayPal stating I am to pay *** ***s $250.00 via Money Gram sent to the Name:

Rafael Reyes



Zip code: *** *** United States.

Reasoning Jamie Watts over paid PayPal and they will not be able to reimburse him/her directly and that PayPal will only be able to reimburse me. Once PayPal receives the confirmation that I paid the 250.00 then PayPal will release all monies (560.00 plus 250.00) to me. (See Attached)

WHAT A JOKE, That was a HUGE red flag for me, I immediately started googling PayPal Scams and EBay scams. The PayPal emails were not from PayPal they were fake. Later after talking to the REAL PayPal on the phone I learned the ONLY Email address that they use is : ***.

In the end, i am out $560.00 and learned NOT to trust ANYONE for future transactions from this one sell on EBay VERY FRUSTRATED.

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