Jeffery Preece

Jose –

Victim Location 70128

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I applied for a job on I then got an email from a person by the name of Becky Adams explaining that she was in need of a personal assistant and she presently deals with forex trading. She said she’ll send me the funds for each task i was to do for the job. She said we’d have have formal interview on the 28th when she got back into town. A couple days later i got a check in the mail written to my name for $4,400. She sent an email telling me to deposit the check into my bank account. It seemed weird to me that she’d send a check to someone she’s never met of that amount. The check came in the mail from a different name “Jeffery Preece”. Inside the envelope there was a note saying to call the number provided to verify that i had received it. Becky followed up through text telling me not to call the number and disregard the note…. I’m shredding the check and blocking her from my email and phone but she still has my address because that is provided on and all my other information from my profile.

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