Jenora Boutique

Todd – Oct 10, 2020

Scam boutique! I ordered an outfit for my baby and it never arrived, I asked for a refund and they just completely ignored me. I talked to their instagram customer service and she said disrespectful words. NEVER AGAIN!

Ricky – Sep 17, 2020

This boutique is a total scam don’t buy from them. They won’t ship your item and the item is china products. No refund, No reply TOTAL SCAMMERS!

Kaitlin – Sep 14, 2020

This boutique scam me and many other mothers and their products comes from china!

Austin – Sep 06, 2020

What a disgusting store! I ordered an item and the packaging says it’s from china! I got no problem with that it’s just that they’re not being honest with me. The quality of the dress sucks and they won’t even refund me or talk to me! Hope you’ll get what you deserved scammers!

Kayla – Sep 06, 2020

Yeah they scammed me also. I ordered last 2 months and i never received the item from them. They already scammed to many people

Cindy – Jul 05, 2020

Victim Location 53405

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offered me commission if people purchase using my discount code after buying from their website. There were far too many grammatical errors where it was hard to tell what they are trying to say for it to be legitimate.

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