JM American Dream Corporation

Neil –

Victim Location 41094

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I just received a call on 3-19-18 around 12pm from John Miller with American Dream Corporation. He said that I won 2.5 million and got an extra cash prize of $35,000. Then he started asking me which bank I got my money in, and was my credit card fully spent out, and I said no I don’t hardly have anything on credit card. They want to put $20,000 on your credit card, and you can spend it right away like cash advance. I said I didn’t want to put anything on my credit card. I told him I would quit talk to him, I said if you want to send me anything official send it in the mail and he said we are not allowed to do that, and I said I am done talking to you. He said I would never do anything bad to an elderly person, he said his grandma is elderly and he wanted checking account, the bank number he was going to put check in and my social security number. I told him I am not giving him that. He kept saying I guarantee you sweetie we are not trying to hurt you in any way, I said I am not giving you a chance. 

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