JN Jeans

Ronnie – Jul 23, 2020


I ordered 2 jumpsuits with a FREE SHIPPING promo and they arrived and look NOTHING like the ad on Instagram. They tried to convince me to keep the clothes because it would cost too much to send back and I had to push them to give me the address a few times, but I insisted and paid to ship the clothing back for my refund.

After I noticed the refund I got was $8 short I asked why and they claimed that because I returned the merchandise (reminder I paid to ship it back myself) I am not also responsible to pay for the original free shipping they offered because I did not keep it. There is absolutely nothing good or ethical or good about this place. They argued with me for over a month about it, and honestly I don’t even care that much about the cost of the shipping I sent back or $8 in life, but the mere point that this is not okay to treat people this way and to probably clarify their methods & terms on the site. There was nothing nice about how this was handled.

Clothes were not good, the S fit like an XXXXXS and looked nothing like photo, and the process to return was a nightmare. Beware! I wish they learn from these reviews.

Protip: Report them to your credit card company you can dispute and try to argue the charge if they wont cooperate since their terms are not clear and t
here are a LOT of bad scam reviews about this company online.

Stephen – Jun 22, 2020

Like everyone else here, I waited a long time to get two tops. Once received, I saw that they were cheaply made and looked nothing like the pictures. I emailed the company and told them that I had no idea I was dealing with international sellers and that I wanted a refund. They responded by saying they would give me $5.00 and I could keep the tops. I told them that was not an option and asked how I could return. They told me it would cost me more than what I paid ($50.00) to return. In the end, they gave me instructions to take a picture of the package before shipping and send them a copy of the shipping receipt and the tracking number. I followed their instructions to the letter. They sent another email saying they could not track the package. I tracked the package for them and sent them a screenshot that the package would be delivered the next day. Since then, there has been no response from them. Today I got my package back marked “refused.” It cost me $8.05 to mail the return and then they refused it. I am going to file a dispute with PayPal. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!

Whitney – Apr 24, 2020

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website continued to pop up on Instagram and eventually I saw some items I really liked. I purchased three items from this website, right away they said my order was confirmed and then I immediately started noticing red flags…. Very little reviews, grammatical errors, so I emailed right away to cancel my order and they replied ( with tons of spelling mistakes ) a response that didn’t even make sense to what I wrote initially. So I again wrote back wanting to cancel my order, and they never responded again. I am out $150.00, I’ve cancelled my credit card and I am now in the process of disputing the fine. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!

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