Job pro solutions

Micah –

Victim Location 95823

Type of a scam Employment

on Wednesday afternoon a woman named Caroline called me and said she worked for Job Pro Solutions and that they knew i had a cleaning company, they even had the name of it, and said that they wanted to help me get more work. She told me they had a project for me starting monday of $13,000 and contained 27 brand new houses that needed to be cleaned so they could be ready to be put on the market. i thought it was legit and without knowing it could be a fraud, i accepted the offer. She told me i needed to have an insurance that covered 1 million dollars and they said incase i did not have one that they could provide an insurance but it would cost me almost $3,000 but i could pay the first half before the project and the other half after the project was finished, that the reason why they needed at least the first half was because the insurance company asked for at least 50% so the can give me the certificate, so on Thursday morning they sent me an email that contained forms; which were the W-9 form, 8300 form, a contract with them assuring I would do my part, a workers compensation insurance form from Acord and they also wanted a picture of me to make an ID for the real estate companies who would contract me as a subcontractor. I filled the forms out giving them my itin, business license number, drivers license number, and other personal information. I had no idea they would be scammers until my daughter and I realize that whenever I would be on the phone with her, or sometimes the manager named Oscar, we could hear children in the background, however they would assure that they would be at an office. We decided to look more into the website and there was not any information about them other than a phone number in which no one would ever answer in, an email, and that head quarters were in Las Vegas, Nevada; my daughter then searched up Job Pro Solutions Scam and came across a list of things that we can do to verify whether this was a real company, she also remembered that in one of the forms that they had me fill was an address, so we searched it up and the address was not even their’s, it was a Coldwell Banker real estate office in Nevada, then my daughter went on and saw that the website came all the way from Nicaragua, which we believed could be true because they spoke their english with a hispanic accent and when they would speak spanish to me they spoke it central american accent. However, they still called me on Friday to tell me to send them the money for the insurance so they can get the project started with me and so i can meet with the investor that was contracting me for the project, and I kept telling them I needed time. Then I got a phone call from the supposed investor, saying that the people from Job Pro Solutions thought that I was a little unconfident, I notices that I was also able to hear the same background noises as a I heard with the number from Job Pro Solutions, I told him that the reason I could not talk was because i was working. They called me this morning saying that time was running out because it was now saturday and the project needed to be started on monday, so I tolde them i no longer wanted to do the project with them and she seemed quite upset and asked why i did not tell her before. Later on the sent me a text message, that they said that i had already signed a contract with them and why would I turn back if i had already signed a contract wit them, the investor called me asking why i am going back on the project, he tried to convince me to going back, so i told him that we went on certain websites to see what this company was about and saw that they were a scam and then he told me to send him the link of the place where it said that, because he had never had any sort of problems with them and then he also told me to think it through this weekend and i could give him a response monday.

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