Edward –

Victim Location 44234

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Employment

Once you give information they ask if you have a valid drivers license,can you pass a drug test and criminal background check. They send you a Your account is your email and your password is your zipcode.This is sent as an email to you. You pay $39.95 via your credit card to get this info. A telephone operator tells you about the process and that70is passing but you will want to score at least 90 ,to be picked for a job. The operator let’s you know about what to do when you fill you have practices enough and feel prepared to take test. Your are then directed to take the 4th step and ,calling #866-408-2670(which is also the helpline)and they will tell you date,time and location of test. Operator stresses doing well because jobs were filling up and if you do not pass,you have to wait 4months to take the test again.I paid the $39.95 when I went to access the times test and prep exams that would not come up but other sections of the web will. After trying s2-3times to acess,I googled the company and found the complaints.

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