Joe Hofman

Grace – Sep 01, 2020

Victim Location 75240

Type of a scam Romance

This man Joe Hofman, I believe is a Nigerian Scammer, it has all the signs. He befriended ** **** on Facebook as they both like music and art. She fell for his line of crap and it now asking for money, he says to secure his father’s estate worth a lot of money. He first asked her for a power of attorney and now wants $3000 cash, as he says, "to facilitate things" where he’s at. The only address he’s provided so far is for his bank. He wants her to send the cash to this account and send him a copy of the slip as soon as she makes the payment. The account info he provided is: Name: Petal Clarke, Bank of American, Account Number: 381055690993 Routing Number: 021200339 Paper & Elect: 026009593 Swift Code: BOFAUS6S Address: 918 Springfield Ave, Irvington NJ 07111. She asked for a divorce so she can marry him…..Is he on the Black List of scammers? No Media please, handle discreetly please.

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