John Green Law Office

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 46142

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were contacted by someone representing Cleartrip, wanting to buy our Cancun timeshare. They stated that they would hire an attorney from the US to complete the sale and handle the legal aspects of it. So we were expecting the email from an attorney. We received it, looked it over, and had received a voicemail from "John Green’s" office asking us to call back. We did at 6:30 pm (would have been 3:30 in CA) on a Monday. The phone rang and rang. No one answered. We tried again, letting the phone ring over five minutes. Not even an answering service picked up. The next day, we received a voicemail wanting a return call, but we were out late. The next day we tried again to call them at about 4 pm CA time. Again, nobody answered although we let it ring for 14 minutes. So we decided to look into this "John Green". A google search of the phone number did not show that it was registered to his business. It shows it as unassigned. A Google search of John Green law itself looks like that the pngage was created/ updated on July 24, 2019 or something, which oddly enough was two days before we were initially contacted by them. The whole pngage itself looks suspiciously thrown together with no pictures, associates, and no fax number. There has been two people, a Joseph Miller and a Dominick, contact us from this "office" when they’ve left the voicemails. (There is a bar number listed on the email we received. It is for John Green V. It is #193409). And, according to this pngage, the office is open 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, so why did nobody answer the phone either day when we called? Two different people have called us, and each time we heard other voices in the background, so not everyone stepped away to the potty at once leaving the phone unmanned for that long.

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