John Richman

Brandi –

Victim Location 94040

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

For over 1 week, I have had repeated phone calls from John Richman (he appears to be from) 44 Uhler Ave, Akron,OH 44310. He says that I have won a $25 million lottery. He said I will get the lottery money after I send a check for taxes and fees to Howard Shue at 44 Uhler Ave. His phone is 876-356-0327.He didn’t give me the name of the lottery organization. When I accessed the property address of 44 Uhler Ave on Zillow, it appears to be a residence in a poor neighborhood, with value less than $15,000.

He initially asked to be paid $6000 for this transaction. Later he reduced the payment amount in each consecutive phone call.

I looked for Howard Shue in Akron via Google search and related web information sites and saw that the name Howard Shue had a criminal history. So, I have not sent the fees John Richman (or Howard Shue) has demanded.

I would love to win a $25 million lottery. But this appears to be a scam.Please help

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